“EzMax offers choices - Apply now for quick cash with an Installment or Title Loan, directly deposited to your debit card in minutes.“

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Answer: By simply paying a quick visit to your local EZMax Store, you can get up to $2,000* cash with a cash advance or installment loan — or up to $20,000* with a title loan — almost instantly! For car title loans, your final loan approval amount will be determined by the value of your vehicle. Loan amounts are also subject to state regulations. Some restrictions apply. See your local EZMax Store for details on each specific cash loan offer, including interest rates and required personal information.
Answer: No, EZMax does not require a credit score to apply for any cash advance, title loan or installment loan. Our top goal is to have the highest loan approval rates with the least amount of hassle!
Answer: Absolutely. Your personal rights and privacy concerns are always top of mind at the EZMax Stores, and we follow all applicable Federal and State laws to better ensure your Personal and Nonpublic Financial information is not disclosed to anyone other than you and/or any person you authorize, in writing, to receive such information. Furthermore, throughout the process, our security measures will keep your information strictly confidential. For more details, review our complete privacy policy which is available on the Privacy Policy page on our website.
Answer: You can get a head start on your personal loan application by using our secure, online loan application form. All EZMax Stores services must be completed in person at one of our EZMax Store locations — allowing you to walk out with cash in-hand within minutes!
Answer: If you have any questions about the EZMax Store that are not answered on this website, simply call 1-361-573-5626 to speak with a knowledgeable professional at the location nearest you!
Answer: If a customer has chosen to provide us with a check or an electronic debit authorization, and a scheduled payment is not received we will attempt to make a payment for the customer by debiting their bank account or depositing their check. If the check or debit is returned unpaid, we may assess a returned item fee of up to $30 if permitted by state law and/or a late fee. The customer may also incur a fee from their bank. We will then attempt to contact the customer in order to make alternate payment arrangements. The customer may also incur additional finance charges. If a loan is secured by the title to a motor vehicle, the customer may be subject to their vehicle being repossessed. The customer may also be charged a late payment fee and incur additional finance charges. For all these potential charges please see our attached rate charts.
Answer: While we prefer to work with our customers to make alternate payment arrangements, we collect past due accounts in a professional, fair and lawful manner in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and all other applicable state and federal laws and regulations. We do not use any outside collection agencies.
Answer: We endeavor to provide credit in accordance with applicable laws and only when we have formed a reasonable belief that the loan will be repaid. We believe that our customers are best suited to make their own financial decisions.
Answer: You may, at your election, renew this loan by paying a minimum payment of only the finance charges on or before the scheduled due date listed in your original loan documents. However, repeated or frequent use of such a renewal can create serious financial hardships. For example, making such a minimum payment on or before your due date will not reduce any of the original principal you borrowed and that principal will continue to accrue finance charges at a rate contingent on the balance that is still then due. Furthermore, renewing your loan by making only the minimum payment on or before your regularly scheduled due date will also result in a new minimum payment equal to the minimum payment that was due in your original loan documents and a new payment period equal in duration to the payment period in your original loan documents. Therefore, to reduce your original principal you must pay more than the minimum amount that is due on or before your regularly scheduled due date. Additionally, paying more than your minimum payment on or before your regularly scheduled due date will also reduce the finance charges that will accrue on any remaining balance that may be owed by you after such a payment is made which, in turn, will reduce any future minimum payments that may be due on the remaining/unpaid balance. We include reminders in our customer agreements and in-store signage that our products are not intended for long-term use. Renewal fees and charges vary by location and loan type. Please call 1-361-573-5626 or visit your local store for details.
Answer: Non-payment could affect your ability to obtain future loans with us or other Personal Installment Loan or title lenders. However, we do not report your compliance with the terms of your loan, to any major credit bureaus.
Answer: Our APR rates vary depending on the type of loan and the amount. For a better understanding of what the typical rates are for our differing loans please see our rate charts which are located below the application form on the website.
Answer: APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Our EZMax Stores are state licensed and regulated, and we follow all applicable regulations, which include disclosing a calculated APR for our loans as well as all charges associated with the most common loan types and amounts we extend. By paying back your loan on time, as the EZMax Stores encourage you to do, your loan fees will likely be cheaper than the costs of a bounced check, overdraft fees, a missed credit card payment or a neglected bill. Please see our rate charts which are located on the Fee Schedule Button on our website.
Answer: No. You can pay off your loan at any time. To see how an early payoff will affect your interest rate, please refer to your loan documents or contact us for assistance.