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Life tosses grenades as unexpected events happen.

Having a resource of emergency money can be a lifesaver. Having some emergency cash stashed away for a rainy day can make a difference in your life in times of disaster or necessity. Your income can be affected by factors such as personal investments, bills, medical conditions, and automobile repairs. In this day and age, your money can be tied up for a multitude of reasons. Everyone needs financial help at some point in their life. Don’t let financial troubles drag you down! Regardless of your income, Ez Max Loans can help you before your troubles turn into problems. Here at EZMax Loans, we’ve seen it all. We respect every client, never judging a person’s circumstance in life. Your financial concerns can be trusted with us!

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Payday Loan HistoryWhy We Are BetterFlexibility Terms
Traditional payday loans began as the borrower receiving funds with the deposit of a post-dated check that the Credit Access Organization holds as security for the loan’s ultimate payoff (which was typically the customer’s next scheduled pay date).  The customer could come in on the payoff date and pay just the interest and fees and extend the time in which the loan would be due but typically the principal remained unchanged, and, as such, the payoff at the new date (again the customer’s next scheduled pay date) remained the same as it was before the refinanced loan was executed. This would also require the customer coming into the store and signing all new loan documents.At EZMax Loans we have several short termed and unsecured loans, and secured title loans, which have greatly improved upon this original structure as they better mirror a traditional loan but also contain some of the key features of a traditional payday and/or traditional title loan.
First, and like traditional payday loans and traditional title loans, we do not require a credit check.  Like traditional loans, however, we offer installment personal unsecured loans which do not require the deposit as security of a post-dated check.  Our loans (both personal unsecured and title loans) also come in an installment loan format where the customer can pay the loan back on terms that are the same as the customer’s pay date, but each payment pays on both the interest and fees as well as the principal.  Furthermore, the payment terms on this loan are typically lower than a traditional payday loan and/or traditional title loans because the fees we charge for these loans are lower than the fees charged by traditional payday loan and title loan lenders which, in turn, reduces the scheduled payment amount and the overall payoff amount.Our unsecured installment loans also allow the customer to have greater flexibility in managing their loan based on their budget as the scheduled payment terms can vary depending on the length of the loan and the frequency of the payments. In this light our loans can range anywhere from one month to 180 days with payment frequencies of two weeks and/or once a month. Lastly, the scheduled payments are taken paid by automatic draft from your financial institution.
Lastly, we are locally owned and, and as such, you are not dealing with a predetermined head office’s loan requirement for a loan and/or loan limits and/or loan format which allows the customer a greater opportunity to discuss the loan that is the best fit for them without having to meet predetermined and fixed loan limit and/or loan format restrictions.In sum, our loans offer the customer greater flexibility on terms that can better fit the customer’s budget, are typically more affordable than less traditional payday and/or title loans as our fees are generally lower that traditional payday and/or title loans, our installment loans allow the customer to pay on both the loan’s interest as well as interest and fees with each payment, and our loans require the customer to come into our stores fewer times to manage the loan.

What a personal loan can be used for? 

What ever life grenade life tosses. 

Consolidate credit card debt. This is a common use for a personal loan. You borrow enough to pay off multiple bills or credit card balances. You’ll reduce your bill paying chores and can potentially save on interest and finance charges if your personal loan rate is lower than finance charges and fees on existing debts.

Unsecured loan is any loan that you don’t provide an asset as a collateral for. Auto loans are usually secured – by the auto. If you don’t pay off the car, it will be repossessed. Credit cards are a good example, personal/business loans are also usually unsecured

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