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paying creditors tip on timing.

Contact your creditors about easier ways to make your most important bill payments. Many people find it helpful to schedule their essential
monthly payments sometime soon after the deposit of their first paycheck of the month. In that case, you can ask your lenders, utility providers and credit card issuers to change your monthly billing-cycle date to line up with your first monthly paycheck. Also, if you think you can’t make
payments as scheduled, you can be proactive and ask your creditors to consider an extended payment plan that results in lower monthly bills.

Emergency financial situations will happen. Just like how you react to them was so important for getting thru the tough time. Communication with creditors is just as important. You might be surprised at the measures credit card issuers and holders of dept in the world of credit will go to the keep you right side up with you finances. It all starts with communication.

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