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Loans can save you money fact.


Blocking clients from taking hits to their personal finances is our number one goal.
Long term vision to the big picture of life makes every situation different in the need. Clients can be flush with money and have it tied up in one of a thousand investment opportunities. EzMaz loans gets this and we are experts in helping clients with bills and stopping late fees before they can even happen. Handling issues on the 3rd down preferred but even 4th and long we can make the play.
Offering an example to when a loan saves a client thousands as well our long term vision.
Did you realize if you have a few speeding tickets your insurance will increase 40 to 50 percent for four years. Paying a traffic attorney to keep a ticket from the view of the insurance company for $400 to save four thousand dollars over four years is money well invested. You do have to have the $400 to be able to save $4000. Our rates are the lowest in the business. It would be hard to find a loan at any rate that would not still make since and save anyone money over the profits going to insurance companies because of speeding tickets. A wreck or claim pay out having not even happened. Not a single bat of the eye and standard operations in the cost coming from you if you do not have the cash to get the ticket to an attorney or know this happens. If you did not know then we already have saved you in the future if this happens to you.
A $400 dollar loan depending on the length and terms worked out will be a little less than $600 repaid back. A $600 dollar block from EzMax Loans cleared the path to save $4000 over 4 years. Now that is a touchdown. You need to slow down, but that loan a very small amount for the results, compared to the large amount we were able to keep directly in your pocket. This just one example life has to offer and how we can help.
Visit our website for tips on finances and budgeting, as well our locations. Stop in one of the locations nearest you for any help you might need. If a loan is not right for you we will advise you. We are here to save clients money. Terms of rates are clear and we are easy to work with. When the smoke clears EzMaz loans will be by your side to help and advice in guiding from the tackles of life.

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