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Financial health information

• Always pay your bills on time — late payments and collections can impact your FICO® Score. Paying
off a collection account or closing an account on which you previously missed a payment will not
remove it from your credit report. It will stay on your report for seven years.
• If you have missed payments, get current and stay current.
• If you’ve had a hard time paying your bills on time, consider signing up for an automated bill
pay service.
• If you’re having trouble paying your bills, contact your creditors. Don’t wait and hope it gets better.
Manage your accounts
• Keep your balances low.
• High balances on your credit cards and other revolving credit can lower your FICO® Score.
Consider increasing your monthly payments until all balances are manageable.
• Manage credit cards responsibly. In general, having credit cards doesn’t hurt your FICO® Score if
you make payments on time. People without credit cards, for example, tend to be at slightly higher
risk than people who have shown they can manage credit cards responsibly.
Monitor your score
It’s a good idea to check and monitor your FICO® Score 6-12 months before applying for a big loan.
That lets you know where you stand.
Correct mistakes
If you find mistakes on your credit history, contact the following credit bureaus directly:
Did you know?
Paying your bills on time, even if it’s the minimum amount required, can help to avoid damaging your credit.




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